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Broad Network of High-Performance VPN Servers

Evade GEO Restrictions

With powerful servers located all around the world, Cibera VPN provides you with option to access region-locked content, unlock different content on streaming services and also to unlock whole websites. Your on-line digital experience has never been so unresticted, secure and anonymous.

Free VPN Servers

Feel free to explore and experience all the available security features on our free servers. Use this opportunity to test and enjoy everything we have to offer without any cost.


Wide Network of Servers

Even when routing traffic through encrypted tunnels, Cibera VPN network is designed to maintain reliable, high speed connection. This is crucial for uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and downloading, ensuring that you enjoy a seamless online experience without lags nor ISP traffic blocks.

Explore Server Locations:

Experience DoH Protected Browsing

Our servers are fortified with DNS over HTTPS (DoH), a robust security protocol that ensures an additional layer of protection and security. By encrypting the DNS queries made from our servers, DoH safeguards your online activities from potential eavesdropping or tampering your traffic, enhancing your overall online privacy and security to the maximum.

High Speed & Performance Servers Download

Threat Protection Powered by AI

Realtime Threat Protection

Through the power of AI, we're taking proactive measures to keep you safe in the digital world. Our vigilant system actively scrapes for malicious links and suspicious phone numbers, swiftly blocking them before they even reach your screen. With Cibera, your online experience is fully protected.

Protect Your Identity

Our cutting-edge technology will safeguard your personal information like a guardian shield, allowing you to explore, connect, and transact freely without a trace of worry.


Parental Control with Cibera

As a parent, you can protect and restrict your childrens with our blacklisting features. Install Cibera VPN Client into your children's phone and activate it. Safeguard their internet journey after from your Cibera VPN Dashboard by blacklisting social media, games and more by modyfing blacklist settings for their device.