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Blazing Fast VPN, Call Blocker & Identity Protection

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Stay Protected Wherever You Are.

Stay Secure On Public Wi‑Fi

Hackers can easily eavesdrop on your internet communication while on public Wi-Fi. Cibera VPN encrypts and safeguards all of yours internet communication, so hackers don't stand a chance!

Stay Safe On Public Wifi
Access GEO Restricted Content

Break free from geographical restrictions and explore the internet at its fullest potential. Embrace the freedom not worrying about your internet safety.

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NextGen VPN Protection Dashboard
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Block Dangerous Scams

Hackers often exploit ads as a means to launch attacks on unsuspecting individuals. By actively blocking new threats, we strive to create a safer online experience for our users, protecting them from potential cyber threats.

Active Threat Blocking
Activate Your Shield

We leverage advanced AI technology to continuously update our blacklist database. This ensures that we stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Stream Or Download Your Favourite Content, Fast And Smooth!

Connect Easily To Any Of These Locations:

Secure and Fast VPN

  • Free, Secure VPN Servers
  • Stay Safe On Public Wi‑Fi
  • Evade GEO Restrictions
  • Download at Full Speed
  • Maximum Anonymity

Blazing Fast Connection

Stream Your Favorite Shows, Download Large Files Quickly, Engage In Lag-Free Gaming And Use Unlimited P2P Speeds!

Best VPN Service

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Powered by AI

  • Wireguard Key Generator
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Lightweigt, Intuitive Apps
  • High Speed Performance
  • Highest Performace

Guard Your Online Identity With Cibera.

Block Malicious Phone Calls

Tired of being bombarded with annoying spam and scam calls? We've got your back! Our cutting-edge call-blocking solution is here to protect you from potential fraud.

Block Phone Scammers
Get Notified about Callers

When your phone rings, you'll receive a notification with risk / abuse score of the phone number calling you. Stay safe and tuned for our latest update!

Spam Blocking Preview
Scan Your On-line Identity

Scan your personal information like e-mail to see if it's been compromised. You get detailed report of all breaches and data that leaked. Your privacy matters. Get started today!

Active Security Scans
Get Notified about Breaches

Get instant leak notifications to be able to safeguard your personal data while its not too late yet. Your security matters.

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