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Cibera VPN Privacy Policy

Last update: 20.12.2022


  • This Privacy Policy ("Policy") sets out the privacy policy of Cibera Security s.r.o., ID No. 178 07 832, with registered office at Martinická 987/3, Kbely, 197 00 Praha 9, ("Company") and applies to users of Cibera VPN products and services and the Company's website
  • You may contact the Company:
    • on the Company's website via the Contact Form
    • by email to support@ciberasecurity.com;
    • by post to the delivery address Martinická 987/3, Kbely, 197 00 Praha 9.
  • The Policy applies to all Cibera VPN products and services provided by the Company and to the Company's website www.ciberavpn.com. However, the Policy does not apply to any services, products or websites of any third party, even if referenced on the Company's website.
  • Please read this Policy before providing any information. By using Cibera VPN products and services and the Company's website, you signify your agreement to the practices described in this Policy and to this Policy generally. If you do not agree to these practices, do not visit or use the Company's website or Cibera VPN products and services.

Collected information – personal data

  • When you register on the Company's website, you will be asked to provide your name, address, email address, username and payment details which you voluntarily provide to the Company when you order or subscribe to Cibera VPN products and services or when you complete the contact form on the Company's website. This information is collected for the purpose of properly managing your account or subscription, and to enable the Company to offer you customer support, and to send you newsletters and occasional promotional offers, where applicable, to the extent permitted by you.
  • In additional, as part of fraud prevention measures, the Company will collect data relating to (i) website usage information such as IP address (ascertained and stored in an anonymized format), approximate location (country only), (ii) transaction information, items purchased, amounts paid, payment methods, certain credit card information, card chargeback requests, cancelled orders. At no stage of collection is the aforementioned personal data associated with any activity performed by a Cibera VPN Tunnel user and is not recorded, collected or stored at all.
  • Personal data is collected for the purpose of:
    • to improve the service and personalize the user experience of Cibera VPN products and services;
    • proper administration of the Company's website and its business activities,
    • the performance of a contract between you and the Company or actions towards the conclusion of such a contract, at your request;
    • scientific research, fraud detection and prevention and improvement of Cibera VPN products and services;
    • technical communications or communications related to the Company's products and services;
    • enforcement of contractual terms;
    • analysis of customers and their needs.

Collected information – personal data

  • We also collect or receive and retain certain non-personal information whenever we capture an exchange of information. This exchange of information happens between your browser or devices and the Company's servers automatically when you access the Company's website. As part of this information exchange, the Company receives non-personal data including, but not limited to, information regarding the browser you are using, your mobile/desktop device, general characteristics and metadata, operating system version, language setting, date and time of your visit, battery status, screen resolution, Google and others companies listing ID, screen size, connectivity, mobile service provider, the website that referred you to the Company's website, and your preferences on the Company's website during your visit. Such usage statistics are collected by the Company as aggregate data from both the Website and the Service in order to provide better customer support, a better customer experience, and a higher level of service quality.
  • In the case of the Company and Cibera VPN products and services, non-personal data is not linked or associated with your personal data. Therefore, non-personal data does not allow the identification of individuals. In addition, Non-Personal Data does not include any information about the user's activities in using Cibera VPN products and services, such as browsing history, content viewed on the site to which your data is directed, DNS requests and IP addresses. The Company uses this information for internal monitoring, analysis and improvement of their services in the manner described in this Policy.

Method of collecting personal data

  • The Company's website contains registration forms (e. g. during the payment process or the provision of customer support and verification) that ask users to provide certain information, such as an email address, as set out above. This information is used by the Company to create an account, provide Cibera VPN products and services, and to send news, updates and promotional materials regarding the Company's products and services, or the products and services of certain of the Company's partners.
  • The Company may use technologies such as cookies as tags.
  • Users may unsubscribe from any unsolicited emails by using the unsubscribe option in emails or by contacting the Company directly by email at support@ciberasecurity.com

Method of collecting non-personal data

  • Non-personal data is collected by the Company for its internal needs and marketing efforts. Some non-personal data may be made available to third parties.
  • Non-personal data is collected by the Company when users use the Company's website, and when users use Cibera VPN products and services.
  • The purpose of collecting non-personal data is to improve the Cibera VPN products and services offered, to monitor user trends, and to customize the Cibera VPN products and services offered to those trends.
  • Non-Personal Data is collected by the Company in an anonymous or anonymized manner.

Data sharing

  • The Company does not share, sell, rent, or trade your personal data to third parties in ways other than as described in this Policy.
  • The Company may share certain personal data with trusted vendors in order to complete a transaction that you have requested (e.g., sharing credit card information with a credit card processor for the purpose of paying fees and activating subscriptions to the Company's products and services). For information about the privacy policies and practices of payment service providers, see:
  • The Company may further collect and, where appropriate, share your personal data for the purpose of enforcing the terms and conditions of Cibera VPN products and services. The purpose of such activities may be to prevent a crime, to prevent a breach of our terms of service for Cibera VPN products and services, or to assist in resolving a violation that has been committed.
  • In addition, the Company also reserves the right to disclose your personal data in accordance with the law, and where it believes that disclosure is necessary to protect the Company's rights, or where such an obligation arises in a civil, criminal or other legal proceeding.

Control options

  • Under Regulation (EU) 2016/679, you have the following rights in relation to your personal data:
    • the right to access the data provided to you through your account - the right to obtain confirmation and information about the processing of your personal data and about your rights as a data subject;
    • the right to rectification - the right to have your personal data rectified;
    • the right to erasure - the right to have your personal data erased. This right is not absolute and only applies in certain circumstances, e. g. when the processing is no longer necessary for the original purpose or when the data is processed on the basis of your consent and you subsequently withdraw this consent;
    • the right to restrict processing - the right to request that the processing of your personal data be restricted, for example if you object to the inaccuracy of the data. While this request is being investigated, the Company's access to the data is restricted;
    • the right to object to processing - the right to object to the processing of personal data by the Company if the legal basis for the processing is based on the legitimate interests of the Company or if it is used for direct marketing;
    • the right to data portability - the right to request the transfer of your personal data from one data controller to another. This right is limited to the personal data you have provided to the Company;
    • the right to complain to a supervisory authority;
    • the right to withdraw consent.
  • You have certain options and controls in relation to the processing of your personal data by the Company. Depending on your relationship with the Company, these options and controls may include access to personal data held by the Company about you that the Company has collected. You may not correct, update or delete information about you so maintained if you no longer wish the Company to collect such information about you by exercising your rights through your account or by contacting the Company at support@ciberasecurity.com. In the event that you make such a request, please note that the Company may request certain information from you for the purposes of verifying your identity and locating your information, and that the process of locating and deleting your information may require a reasonable amount of time and effort. Privacy laws and related laws in your jurisdiction may grant you different or additional rights related to the Company's collection of information about you, which may also apply to you.

Data on the use of Cibera VPN products and services

  • In accordance with the Policy, the Company does not monitor users' activities when using Cibera VPN products and services within the Cibera VPN Tunnel (for example, browsing history, where your data goes, what your data looks like, IP address or DNS requests. Companies therefore:
    • does not have information at any stage about which user has ever accessed a particular website or service;
    • does not know which user was connected to Cibera VPN's products and services at any point in time, or which IP server Cibera VPN used;
    • does not know the set of original IP addresses of the user's devices.
  • The Company never tracks or records your internet activity. This is because such records can easily link your activities to you, and since the Company does not have any such records, it cannot share them with anyone.

Protection of minors

  • You declare and guarantee that you are at least 16 years of age and legally competent to use Cibera VPN products and services. If you are under the age of 18, please review the agreement with your parents or legal guardians. The Company does not use Cibera VPN services and products to knowingly solicit information from or market to children under the age of sixteen. The Company requests that such persons not provide personal data through Cibera VPN products and services.
  • If you notice or have any reason to believe that a child under the age of 13 has shared any information with the Company, please contact the Company at support@ciberasecurity.com and the Company will take reasonable action to ensure that such information is removed.


  • At any time and in our sole discretion, we may correct, supplement or remove incomplete or inaccurate information as described above. Please note that the information the Company collects about you is retained by the Company for as long as necessary to provide Cibera VPN products and services and to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce contracts, unless the Company receives a request from you to do otherwise.

Update of the Policy

  • If the Company, in its sole discretion, decides to make changes to the Policy, such changes and modifications will become effective immediately upon the posting of the updated Policy. Therefore, the Company encourages you to periodically review changes made to this Policy to ensure that you are fully informed about how the Company collects and uses your data and the rights you have. Please see the "Last Modified" section for the date of the last modification. By using the Company's services after you view these changes, you agree to be bound by these changes to the Policy and to be bound by this revised Policy.
  • If the Company makes substantial changes to this Policy, the Company will notify you through your account or the Website and will make every effort to notify you by email or notice on the Company's home page before the change becomes effective.

Data protection office

  • Contact details of the Company's Data Protection Officer:
    • name Kryštof Ševčík;
    • e-mail: gdpr@ciberasecurity.com.