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What does Cibera VPN Protect?

Cibera VPN protects what matters the most - your personal information, financial details, cherished memories, your realtime on-line traffic and shields you from prying eyes of cyber criminals and everyday cyber threats.

How does it work?

Cibera VPN's AI-powered architecture stays one step ahead of potential threats, anticipating and neutralizing them in real-time. Feel the confidence of browsing, streaming, and communicating without compromise.

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Know who's knocking on your digital door. By assessing the abuse rate of IP addresses, you can identify potential threats and take proactive measures to protect your virtual haven. However, if you use Cibera VPN, everything is already taken care of for you.

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Stay one step ahead of hackers and data breaches with cutting-edge encryption, scam call blocker and proactive, real time online defense security powered by AI.

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What are Main Cibera VPN Features?

Robuts Call Blocker

At Cibera VPN, AI is detecting spam call numbers for Cibera VPN app users. This shield ensures spammers and scammers won't be able to call you, letting you engage with what's important while staying safe. AI is here to protect you.

Real Time AI Protection

Rest assured of AI's constant vigilance, always updating and scanning for on-line threats. This tireless protection ensures your digital persona remains secure, granting you peace of mind in your online endeavors.

Stay Protected with DoH

Unlock a safer and swifter online experience with DNS over HTTPS (DoH). By seamlessly encrypting your domain queries, DoH safeguards your digital explorations, ensuring your browsing remains both private and efficient.