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About Cibera VPN

Cibera VPN was founded in 2022 by group of IT professionals aiming to make robust cyber security available for average internet user. Cibera VPN is security oriented VPN designed to prioritize users security and privacy. Our service incorporates robust security features such as DNS over HTTPS (DoH), enhanced encryption, blacklisting, whitelisting capabilities and blocking of malicious ads and trackers. Leveraging AI, we have implemented active anti-scam prevention measures within the service to safeguard users from fraudulent threat actors and everyday threats on the wild.

Cibera Security Inovative Technology

About Our Mission

Being secure on-line is vital nowadays. The internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, making security a must for everyone. At Cibera VPN, team of cybersecurity professionals is working around the clock to be vigilant for new on-line threats, ensuring that our customers will always be secure and protected. Cibera VPN has ambitious plans to expand its capabilities and further enhance user protection. Our roadmap includes the incorporation of IoT (Internet of Things), TV, car, and more devices, allowing users to extend the benefits of our app beyond smartphones and computers. During launch of Cibera VPN, AWS (Amazon Cloud Services) granted us budget to further develop and expand our service.